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JT SplatMaster - Target & Obstacle Shooting - Safety

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To become an elite SplatMaster, you need to master target shooting and running obstacles. Run smoothly through the obstacles, set your position, bring your SplatMaster to eye level, keep both eyes open, look down the sight – Splat Marks the Spot! 

  • Eye protection with JT SplatMaster Optix required for all players and any person within range.
  • Children under the age of 18 require adult or parental supervision.
  • Mark field boundaries and set barriers as needed. It is important that the field of play has safe backdrops or natural protection against stray shots.
  • Careful of stray people, children, or animals that might wander into the playing area.
  • If anyone comes into the playing field without face protection, IMMEDIATELY stop play.
  • For more details, be sure to read all product manuals.
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Shoot Around requires players to use their cover to hide behind while successfully taking out three targets.

You can enjoy hours of fun as long as you follow a few simple rules.


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