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JT SplatMaster is NOT a toy, and safety MUST always be used whenever handling the product. JT SplatMaster is intended for ages 9+, and kids under 18 require adult or parental supervision, especially in the beginning when your SplatMasters are learning the basics of safety and safe shooting.

Following the eye and handling safety guidelines is the first place to start for JT SplatMaster fun. Keep in mind, the Ammo travels at 110 to 150 feet per second, so it can cause severe injury if not used properly. A few key rules:

  • Careless use or misuse may result in serious bodily injury or death.
  • Full eye protection specifically designed for JT SplatMaster or paintball must be worn by the user and any person within range; full face protection required for player vs. player play and any person within range.
  • Must be 9 years of age or older to operate or handle any JT SplatMaster gun and JT SplatMaster gun accessory. Children under the age of 18 require adult or parental supervision.
  • Read and understand all cautions, warnings, and operating manuals before using any paintball gun or paintball gun accessory.
  • Do not aim paintball gun at eyes or head of people or at animals.
  • JT SplatMaster gear is to be used with JT SpaltMaster Ammo only.
  • Use common sense and have fun.
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