JT SplatMaster 1000ct Ammo

JT SplatMaster 1000ct Ammo
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Splat Marks the Spot! JT SplatMaster Ammo fills are specifically designed for quick and easy clean up with water, while being resistant to staining. The shells are made of gelatin – what does that mean? It means it is like a vitamin E pill and will essentially disappear with some water. After a day of playing JT SplatMaster, simply break out the hose and rinse off your targets and tada…clean. Only use JT SplatMaster Ammo with your JT SplatMasters. Get in the Game.

Available now at Walmart in the Sporting Goods section.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to check out How to Store Your Ammo to ensure the best performance and keep your Ammo shooting straight.


  • Water soluble splat marks clean up fast and easy
  • 100% bio-degradable formulas
  • Stain resistant fill
  • Fun, safe, and accurate!
  • Endless shooting games and back yard fun

z200 Shotgun - Skills

i would have nvr gottn into paintball guns if it werent for the jt splatmaster guns. i love it now. thank you

I got to test one of these guns at a field event my team was invited to. Everyone found these guns to be a good time. I myself got the Z100 and have been enjoying it ever sense. I hope they come out with some extended mags for this gun.

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The z200 splatmaster shotgun is a perfect way to bring kids into the sport of paintball. At my local field a few refs got these they are amazing! low pain levels at point blank range (tested all day on each other) and great accuracy. this gun is A mazing.

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The Perfect introduction to paintball. The z200 shotgun feels solid and is very well built. The marker is easy to use,super accurate,& holds just the right amount of rounds to keep you in the fight. And as far as the ouch factor goes its totally doable even for the younger crowd. This product really is a perfect introduction for anyone who wants to get into the paintball sport. Remember to wear eye protection when using the product and if your going to play with other splatmaster players I would highly recommend using a paintball mask ! With that said Have fun!

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I picked this gun up yesterday for my little brother. Hoping he would get into Paintball. He shot it and it was very accurate for the price and he loved it! He is very into paintball now asking me all these questions. Its Awesome!! Overall good gun! for the price wish it had more ammo capacity though

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I love the JT Splat Master! I own a JT Flex 8 and I love their products and I saw this in the store at Walmart. I was skeptical at first because it looked like one of those lame-o "paintball" guns for kids, but man, this is a beast! I love the shotgun one. It's awesome for backyard play because it doesn't hurt. While I am an airsofter this is AWESOME. GO BUY ONE RIGHT NOW.

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the shotgun has a great feel it is easy to load,pump and shoot....
I tried it at MAO and I had fun running and hitting the targets. I even shot myself to feel its impact.
This is the perfect start for kids and adults to a splattastic way of life......

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It's awesome

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Good price and works great.
Has a nice fill thats bright so it easy to see.
The other ammo containers look cool but this is the best deal. Also you can refill the grenade and tear gas type container. This will get you hours of playtime!!

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The splatmaster is awesome! I love how I can practice with the targets and reload super easy. I am surprised they are able to shoot pretty far without being dangerous at all. My favorite part is that they are so fun and simple my grandparents can play with them too!

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