How to Store Your Ammo

JT SplatMaster - How to Store your Ammo - Basics

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Taking care of your JT SplatMaster Ammo is just as important as taking care of your gear. Believe it or not, Ammo is a perishable and if not handled and stored properly it can become too hard, too soft, or change size and shape. Ammo is very susceptible to humidity and heat – fortunately for you, we have the details on how to keep your Ammo in perfect condition.


Off the production line, every piece of Ammo is a perfect sphere with the ideal characteristics to shoot straight and break on impact. To keep your JT SplatMaster Ammo in tip-top condition, store in a climate controlled, dark place like a basement of closet. For optimal performance keep Ammo between 60° F/15° C and 86° F/30° C with a relative humidity of no more than 50%. Follow these simple guidelines to keep your Ammo fresh; avoid contact with water, do not freeze, avoid high temperatures, do not store in vehicle, avoid direct sunlight and don not store outdoors.


Only use JT SplatMaster Ammo with your SplatMaster gear. Only JT SplatMaster Ammo can be trusted to shoot straight, break on target, and easily wash away with water while resisting stains. Don’t be fooled by imitation ammo – it won’t perform to the JT SplatMaster high standards of quality and performance.

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hi how do you load the pistol mag ??????

justin |
2 years 1 week ago

Shoot Around requires players to use their cover to hide behind while successfully taking out three targets.

You can enjoy hours of fun as long as you follow a few simple rules.


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